Kelly Sparks


Working with Debra has been life-changing. She is the master. I spent a long walk thinking about how to put her impact into words & I’m not sure if it’s possible! Debra is unbelievably wise, compassionate, & able to see such subtlety in any relationship situation. No matter what is going on, she always deepens & expands my own view of it & helps me see & create a loving & powerful way forward. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Debra for anyone who is able to. She helped me heal after a difficult divorce & create healthy relationships afterward. Most recently in just a few sessions, she helped me navigate a major relationship upset that could have gone very badly. But because of her coaching, I was able to get through it in a way that created more closeness, trust, intimacy, respect, & love.  I’m so grateful.

lori st. Pierre


Debra is the real deal. She is able to get to the root cause of the issue very quickly and is very direct in her approach to providing feedback. She gives you the tough feedback that you don’t always want to hear, but she does it in a firm yet loving way. She also has an intuitive gift like a 6th sense, that makes you feel like she’s crawled into your head and knows exactly how you feel. She’s very insightful. I love the way that Debra maintains a very focused conversation about my part in things, and helps me to see a different perspective. This is immensely helpful to overcome obstacles in my relationship that might have otherwise torn it apart. She steers the conversation back on course should it drift away, and always brings it back to my part in things, which is the only thing within my control. Her insights and wisdom help me to see that not everything is about me, and to create an understanding of how (and why) I can easily misinterpret a situation. She really helps me step into someone else’s shoes and change the way that I see things.

After working with Debra I feel a little taller, and am able to stand in my strength as a woman and partner, and be the best that I can be. Saying that Debra is an amazing coach is an understatement. She’s a master at her craft.


Dr. Jane Hvas DC

Debra is a fantastic relationship coach who intuitively knows what you NEED to hear. She is incredibly wise and has supported me in my quest to love myself more and succeed in my romantic relationships. She advised me with action steps and a legendary list of reading material and exercises. If you are ready for more self-love, self-awareness and motivation, you won’t find a better coach than Debra. She is real, authentic and lovingly holds you accountable while cutting through your own BS.

Eugenie rebot


Debra is deep and full of insight. She’s also earthy and warm. She empathizes with one's issues, taking in the feelings you are going through. This quality adds to the feeling of being supported and understood. I started coaching with Debra during the very early stage of my relationship with my now partner of three years. Both of us had previous relationships and marriages, and both were rather passionate and willing to commit, but at the same time, strong-willed and stubborn. Thanks to Debra, I was able to see his perspective of things and understand the goodwill and greatness of my gentleman including all the good valid reasons on which he based his decisions (even though my own experience would cry foul). With time, I was able to relax and see all those great things for myself, but I might not have been able to get past those early obstacles created by my own triggers and past if not for Debra’s help. I highly recommend Debra as a coach wherever you have questions about your prospects, your partners or yourself.


sara yupcavage

Debra is highly intuitive and coaches from the heart. She has the rare gift of telling it like it is but in a supportive and gentle way. She has helped me gain clarity in what I will and won't accept in a relationship and she's also an expert in masculine and feminine energies — painting a clear picture as to why a partner is responding a certain way. If you're looking for a coach who is authentic and won't just tell you what you want to hear, Debra is the one for you!


Jo Besso

I recommend Debra to anyone who is struggling. She has a very down to earth, straightforward approach. She asks you the hard questions and she expects you to answer them LOL. Debra is extremely compassionate and an amazing listener. She truly cares about you living your best life. She’s a leader in her field. I cannot recommend her more highly.

monica nainsztein.jpg

monica nainsztein

Debra delivers a no nonsense approach with an open heart and sincere compassion. And while many coaches possess those skills and proffer that style, it's Debra's amazing ability to balance incisiveness with intuition, and directness with love and care that really sets her in a class all her own. She's the person who’s there for you in the midst of a crisis, makes space and simply says “I’ll call you in ten” — and then does. She is the person you want by your side on this path to becoming your best, most loving self.

john wolfe.jpg

john wolfe

I highly recommend Debra if you are considering a life/relationship coach. She creates a safe space, is a warm, intuitive and insightful coach whose no-nonsense approach cuts through stories and excuses. She knows the right questions to ask to get to the heart of the matter, to assist you in moving forward. She is authentic and effective. Debra helped me with identifying what was truly important for me to find my happiness in my work, life, and relationships.


Linda Sobel

Debra is a freaking Rock Star of a coach. She has a rare gift for quickly getting right to the heart of my challenges and then, rather than solving them for me, shows me the way to figure it all out for myself. I know the only real way to grow is to do the work and Debra sets me up for that success with so much skill and talent. I'm really grateful for the help she's given me.

heidi shaner.jpg

Heidi Shaner

Debra's coaching really helped me see my worth, something I’ve been struggling with for a long time. She gently got me to be honest with myself. I’m grateful she is part of my sisterhood.