A New Yorker, a Buddhist, a psychologist, a philosopher, an artist, and a folk-punk-indie girl all walk into a bar 

—— meet Debra.

Raised like sheep in the bland burbs of New York, Debra, a spunky, sassy, free-spirit dynamo, escaped for college & has remained a NYC resident ever since.

Upon receiving her BFA from Pratt Institute, Debra traveled & lived abroad for a few years before returning to her beloved city & pursuing a career in the arts with photography & graphic design at the forefront.

Marriage, motherhood, divorce, spiritual crisis & mid-life awakening propelled a complete life & career 180; all of which now inspire the content & focus of Debra's writing, coaching, & poetry.

With a blazing passion to understand, appreciate, & integrate the dark & mysterious parts of Self, Debra is fearless in her exploration of the deeply personal, holding little back as she pours her insights & discoveries onto the page. The scarier it feels to reveal, the more Debra wants to share it — the human condition thrills her.

Her level of disarming candor, deep vulnerability, attunement, & hard-earned wisdom combine to create an inimitable style — a perfect fit for Debra's favorite way to serve — as a life coach specializing in self-love, embodiment, mindfulness, & relationship.

Enter Debra's world and see for yourself.


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